"The first principle of the World Health Organisation is that “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” Western medical practice has some remarkable achievements in relation to disease and infirmity, but if you want to be in a state of health, of positive well-being, the tradition that Meena represents so well seems to us to show a far more profound and effective understanding."

~Tony & Yoriko

"I lead a very busy and demanding professional life and I have found Meena's sessions a haven of calm and peace which help me keep health both mentally and physically.
Meena's incredibly caring and professional approach has always made me feel at ease and totally relaxed. My yoga lessons have simply become a must every week."

~ Mercedes Porcel

"Meena is a truly gifted teacher who makes every yoga session memorable in our learning journey. Doing yoga with her has helped me with the ongoing stress of finishing a PhD whilst in a full-time job. I also noticed a big difference with the quality of my sleep.  In short, I would wholeheartedly recommend her classes for both body and mind."

~ Cyrielle

"I have been practicing yoga with Meena for 11 months and it has become an essential part of my week. The sessions help me de-stress, loosen up any physical tension, and re-set for the week ahead. Meena is a fantastic teacher - extremely patient, positively encouraging and highly knowledgable on Ayurveda & yogic discipline. Would recommend every time!"

~ J. K.

"Thank you Meena for your excellent Yoga classes. 
As a health practitioner it is important to maintain ones health on many levels and your Yoga classes help my mind, body and spirit."

~ Karla Walter


07917 207510

Windsor, Berkshire and London.