Learn To Meditate

A simple meditation practice to enhance your well being is within your reach. and brings peace to our hectic, stressful lives. 

We meet monthly to practice in a group setting so we all feel supported and discuss any questions or obstacles that we may be in our path.  

Delving deeper into yoga philosophy we can apply these deep, ancient teachings to our every day lives which remarkably are still relevant today.

Contact me if you would like to be part of this group that meets regularly.  

Beginners and those more experienced are welcome.

Spaces limited to 10.

Some thoughts from a local Senior School Teacher ;

" Thanks so much for Friday. It was absolutely brilliant. I found it much easier to get into, despite Friday afternoon being such a rush. As soon as I got to yours, the calm descended. 

I've been trying to practice at least once or twice a week and I hope to build this up to every day. I know when I meditate before work, it's so much easier to be calm when 30 children are needing you. Easier for me and a far nicer teacher for them, more importantly. 

I can honestly say meeting you and coming to your classes/practice has changed the way I see the world. I love that you educate us about yoga as a whole, rather than simply the poses; that your classes are a moving meditation. 

A huge thank you. "

Rustic Beach Path