Healing Ayurvedic Massage

Back Massage

Ayurvedic Massage

Enjoy a rejuvenating Ayurvedic massage using a blend of certain therapeutic oils based on your individual constitution.  

This particular type of massage is perfect for balancing the entire body and reducing tension and stress accumulated in the body. Clients leave feeling refreshed and light.

A health consultation will be conducted beforehand to understand any particular conditions.

Full Body : £60 (90 mins)

Pressure point massage 1

Marma Points

As well as using oils, Ayurvedic massage focuses on marma points within the body. These points can be described as energy centres in the body. When these points are massaged using the correct technique we can release and pacify accumulated stress or pain. Our vital energy is restored using this ancient technique and we feel whole and balanced once more.



Ayurvedic acupuncture.

Conditions can be needled for effective pain relief or control certain diseases. 

A range of conditions can be treated. Some common ailments include, skin disorders, back pain, headaches, muscle and joint injuries, depression, insomnia, paralysis, anxiety/panic attacks, menstrual problems, frozen shoulder, 

Call to discuss your needs.

First session : £60

Follow ups : £50

Sleeping Siblings

Children and Baby Massage

Children and babies can also benefit from a massage. My own children have both grown up enjoying an oil massage for their growing bones.

A good oil massage nourishes a child's tissues as their bodies grow and supports their physical and emotional development.

Children feel calmer and more relaxed and are able to sleep better with regular massages.

Starting from £20

All massages are conducted using oil in the traditional Ayurvedic method. If you would like a particular scent then please let me know.

If you are allergic to certain oils, then I can replace it with something more suitable for your particular constitution.

Add a warm herbal poultice which I hand make myself for £20.

Good for loosening tight, tired muscles.